IPA News

15 Sep 2018

Currently the IPA has 346 members from 50 countries:

16 Jul 2018

Thanks to Małgorzata Deroń, we now offer an “interactive” (clickable) IPA chart (“i-chart”) that combines three functions available separately elsewhere: phonetic symbol definitions and Unicode character information, playable audio examples, and a keyboarder function for phonetic transcription. Try it here!

18 Jun 2018

IPA charts with metatext in several languages (Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hebrew, Polish, Brazilian and European Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish) have been contributed by members and are temporarily available for comment here:
http://linguistics.ucla.edu/people/keating/IPA/IPA_charts_2018_trans.html. The Journal of the IPA has previously published a chart in Chinese; for information about contributing translations for other languages, see this same webpage.

9 Jun 2018

Five student members have received IPA Student Awards for their participation in the LabPhon 16 conference, June 19-22, 2018, at the University of Lisbon, Portugal. They are: Anna Bruggeman (University of Cologne, Germany), Amber B. Camp (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, USA), Stefano Coretta (University of Manchester, UK), Sarah Harper (University of Southern California, USA) and Robin Karlin (Cornell University, USA). Congratulations to these awardees!

18 May 2018

IPA charts (and sub-sections of charts) in multiple fonts, dated 2018, are now available here:

Newly available on this page is a chart in a TeX TIPA Roman (serif) font.

Many thanks to Malgorzata Deron for making these charts and webpage for the Association.