IPA News 2013

1 Sep 2013

The IPA is now offering links from its website to blogs by members that are at least in part concerned with phonetic matters. If you are a current member of the Association who has such a blog, which you would like to have added to this page, please contact the Secretary.

1 Jan 2013

With assistance from the Association, the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America has updated its requirements for authors so that Unicode-compliant fonts are now specified when IPA symbols are included in a manuscript. Through 2012, the Journal continued to require authors to use SIL IPA93 fonts, even though they are no longer supported by SIL.

The new information for JASA authors can be found here (external link to PDF file; See section V. G. on page 10). A PDF file which lists all IPA symbols with their phonetic definitions and information about their Unicode characters can be found here (external link to PDF file).

The Journal of the IPA also updated its information for authors about phonetic fonts in 2012; see here for information.