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Membership Benefits

Members of the IPA enjoy several benefits including:

  1. reduced fees to various conferences including the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS), which takes place every four years;
  2. special discounted subscription rates for selected journals (print only);
    Members can contact CUP at to take advantage of this benefit.
    English Language and Linguistics £39/$58
    Journal of French Language Studies £40/$55
    Journal of Linguistics £48/$72
    Phonology £27/$44
  3. the ability to stand for and vote for the IPA Council;
  4. access to sound recordings to accompany Illustrations of the IPA in JIPA;
  5. Online access to contents of JIPA.
  6. Student members are eligible to apply for IPA Student Awards and Gösta Bruce Scholarships to support their participation in conferences
  7. Student members receive a 50% fee reduction for the IPA certificate exam

These can be accessed via the Members' Portal.

For an additional fee ("print supplement"), members can receive:

Membership Categories

Please note that from 2016, the standard membership categories (Full/Student/Life) do not include print copies of JIPA.

Full membership
The Subscription rate to the Association is GBP30.
Student membership
The Subscription rate to the Association is GBP15 for students when accompanied by a letter from the student's department certifying full-time student status.
Print supplement (Full+print, Student+print)
Both Full and Student members can pay an annual supplement to receive print copies of JIPA published during the membership period. The supplement is currently GBP20. Please note that the print supplement option must be chosen and paid for at the same time as payment of the annual membership fee. It cannot be added or removed once a one-year term of membership has started. Members must join by cut-off dates to receive each issue of the journal. The cutoff date for the first issue of the year is mid February, the second issue is mid June and the third issue is mid October.
Those who became Life members (no longer accepting new members) before 30 June 2015 will continue to receive print copies of JIPA at no extra charge, but may opt out if they so wish.
Institutional membership
Libraries and Institutions wishing to take out a subscription to JIPA should contact Cambridge University Press for further information, at either their Cambridge UK or New York addresses.

How to join (New Members)

  1. Student Members
    1. Submit proof of your student status here and wait for this to be approved (Please allow 2-3 days). You will receive an email telling you how to continue the signup process.
  2. Full Members
    1. Fill in the application form and make a payment online.
    2. You will receive an email when your membership has been approved. (Please allow 2-3 days). The email will contain log in details to access members-only pages for the IPA website.

How to renew (Current Members and Returning Members with an IPA account)

If you are a Student, please first log in to your account, submit proof of your continued student status here and wait for this to be approved (Please allow 2-3 days). You will receive an email telling you how to continue the renewal process.

To renew as a Full member, please go to your My Account page and click on the [Renew Membership] link.

If you cannot remember your password, you can request a new password using the "Request new password" link

How to renew (Returning Members without an IPA account)

If you were once a member (before 2014) but your membership has lapsed and you do not have an IPA Account, please sign up as a new member. If you held a membership after 2015, you can log in with your previous credentials and go to your My Account page.