2014 IPA student awards

The IPA will grant five IPA Student Awards of €425/£350 in the remaining months of 2014. Applicants for these Awards must be:

  1. a current student member of the Association at the time of application, and
  2. first and presenting author on a paper accepted for an open (non-student, international) conference held in 2014.

To apply for an Award, send the Secretary of the IPA (Patricia Keating) an email with:

  • your name and current academic affiliation
  • the name and email address of a current academic supervisor
  • the name, date, and location of the conference
  • a copy of your paper or abstract that has been accepted
  • some form of confirmation of acceptance of your paper, and
  • a brief (1-2 sentences) description of the phonetic relevance of your paper.

Optionally, you may also describe the phonetic relevance of your attendance at the conference.

Please submit your application at least 2 weeks before the conference.