Elections for 2015 IPA Council

Election of the 30 members of the 2015-2019 IPA Council is underway, following the procedures specified in our by-laws. In December 2014, all IPA members were able to vote in the first round. Thanks to the use of online voting, 70% of members voted, almost twice the 38% participation in 2010. Twenty-one members were elected in the first round, and the second round of the election, in which the already-elected members choose 9 additional members, is now underway. The members elected in the first round are: A. Arvaniti, M. Ashby, P. Ashby, W. Barry, P. Beddor, G. Docherty, J. Esling, J. Fletcher, C. Fougeron, J. Harrington, K. Johnson, P. Keating, I. Maddieson, A. Ní Chasaide, K. Nicolaidis, F. Nolan, J. Ohala, D. Recasens, A. Simpson, M. Solé, J. Wells.