Online Phonetics Courses and tutorials

B. Online Phonetics Courses and tutorials

To expand the educational content of the Association’s webpage and to meet the demands from people who are not in a position to take a regular phonetics course and want to teach themselves, as well as beginner students interested in self-study, we provide links to the following tutorials and self-study courses.

Table of Contents

The IPA is grateful to the members of the Education Committee who compiled many of these links and added their comments.


  • The links marked with the symbol ⊗ may not fully work with some browsers, in particular, with Safari (the default bowser for Mac) due to the lack of plugins available compared to Chrome and Firefox. Please try a different browser if you have problems downloading or playing files.
  • The IPA does not guarantee the maintenance or validity of these sites, but provides the links as a general service to the Phonetics community.

B.1 Standalone self-study tools

B.2 Phonetics coursebooks with online materials