IPA Handbook Downloads

IPA Handbook Downloads

This page consists of a large set of .WAV files organized into folders according to language, a few text files containing revisions and additions to some of the Illustrations.

The audio recordings contained here are the words and text that appear in the illustrations contained in Part 2 of the Handbook and which demonstrate the application of the International Phonetic Alphabet to a wide variety of sound systems of languages of the world. The files of recorded words in each language folder are cross-platform wav files, designed for use in classroom teaching, in phonetics or language laboratories, or for private study. When unzipped, each language folder is subdivided into folders according to the section headings found in the illustration in the Handbook. Files are arranged and numbered in the linear order of their occurrence in the illustration. File names use the English gloss of each item. Parts of the narrative text are also numbered in linear order.

Once downloaded, the files can be stored on individual computers and accessed as a database for playback. In this format, it is necessary to use the print version of the Handbook as a guide to the items in the audio database.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE- International Phonetic Association.

These audio files are licensed to the IPA by their authors and accompany the phonetic descriptions published in the Handbook of the IPA or in the Journal of the IPA. The audio files may be downloaded for personal use but may not be incorporated in another product without permission. FULL COPYRIGHT NOTICE

Languages available for download


NOTE: audio files have been compressed using zip technology and need to be "unzipped" before use. To do this you will need specialised software such as WinZip (Windows) or DropZip (Mac). You will also need need the Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. All of this software is free to download.