IPA News

31 Mar 2015

For ICPhS2015, the Association is offering up to 20 IPA Student Awards of £366. We invite applications for these Awards as soon as ICPhS acceptance notifications have been received. Information about applying for the Awards has been emailed to all Student members of the Association; anyone needing further information should contact the Secretary. The deadline for applications is April 18; decisions will be announced before May 1.

10 Mar 2015

Election of the 30 members of the 2015-2019 IPA Council is underway, following the procedures specified in our by-laws. In December 2014, all IPA members were able to vote in the first round. Thanks to the use of online voting, 70% of members voted, almost twice the 38% participation in 2010. Twenty-one members were elected in the first round, and the second round of the election, in which the already-elected members choose 9 additional members, is now underway. The members elected in the first round are: A. Arvaniti, M. Ashby, P. Ashby, W. Barry, P. Beddor, G. Docherty, J. Esling, J. Fletcher, C. Fougeron, J. Harrington, K. Johnson, P. Keating, I. Maddieson, A. Ní Chasaide, K. Nicolaidis, F. Nolan, J. Ohala, D. Recasens, A. Simpson, M. Solé, J. Wells.

18 Jan 2015

Following the launch of the new website on 1st January 2015, we are excited to announce that we are now on Facebook and Twitter! Please visit us on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @IPAphonetics.

14 Dec 2014

In December 2104, seven IPA-elected representatives to the Permanent Council for the Organization of ICPhS were elected for the period 2015-2023. The 7 elected members are:

  • Anne Cutler, the Netherlands
  • John H. Esling, Canada
  • Daniel Hirst, France
  • Patricia Keating, USA
  • Ian Maddieson, USA
  • Katerina Nicolaidis, Greece
  • Masaki Taniguchi, Japan

Their term will begin at the August ICPhS meeting in Glasgow. Congratulations to the new members.

20 Nov 2014

The Gösta Bruce Memorial Fund was established by the family of the late Gösta Bruce, previous President of the IPA, to provide travel awards to student members of the IPA presenting their work at International Congresses of Phonetic Sciences. The IPA will offer these Gösta Bruce Scholarships for the next Congress, in August 2015.

The Gösta Bruce Memorial Fund depends on continuing donations! IPA members (and others) are asked to consider contributing to the Fund in order to increase the number of Gösta Bruce Scholarships that can be awarded to students in 2015. Information about how to contribute to the Fund is under "Grants – How to contribute to the Fund".