15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS-15)

Barcelona, Spain
August 3-9, 2003

A Computational Model of Low Tones in Ibibio

Eno-Abasi Urua (1), Dafydd Gibbon (2), Ulrike Gut (2)

(1) University of Uyo, Nigeria
(2) Universität Bielefeld, Germany

This study reports on a production experiment and a new computational model in an attempt to resolve the question of the status of floating Low tones in Ibibio. The pitch height of high tones (H), low tones (L) and downstepped high (!H) tones in a set of utterances spoken by an Ibibio speaker were first measured acoustically and secondly modelled computationally. Results show that there is a difference between a floating L and an overt L. Furthermore, the overt Low tone causes a higher degree of lowering than the floating Low tone.

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Bibliographic reference.  Urua, Eno-Abasi / Gibbon, Dafydd / Gut, Ulrike (2003): "A computational model of low tones in Ibibio", In ICPhS-15, 623-626.