15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS-15)

Barcelona, Spain
August 3-9, 2003

Rhythmic Grouping in Word Lists: Competing Roles of Syllables, Words and Stress Feet

Fred Cummins

University College Dublin, Ireland

The role of suprasyllabic constituents in determining speech timing remains hotly debated. We investigate the temporal organization of lists of words designed to reveal any competing influences on timing from syllables, lexical words and (Abercrombian) stress feet. Intervals between word onsets and stress foot onsets are observed in a baseline condition where stressed and unstressed syllables alternate, and in two conditions in which stresses are less regular. Evidence of competing influences on interval duration are found, suggesting that observed intervals are influenced both by syllabic or subsyllabic components, and also by suprasyllabic constituents.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Cummins, Fred (2003): "Rhythmic grouping in word lists: competing roles of syllables, words and stress feet", In ICPhS-15, 325-328.